How To Use Cricut Design Space?

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Making design and typeface choices is the most challenging aspect of using Design Space. You may upload and use as many designs and typefaces as you want inside Design Space. In the following sections, we’ll review each Design Space function and briefly describe what it does and when/how you may use it.

What Activities Are in Progress in Design Space?

Cricut Design Space consists of several projects. When you open Design Space for the first time, a selection of your previously produced and saved projects, as well as projects from Cricut Access, Ready To Do Projects, and the Cricut Community, will be shown.

You may also search for projects using keywords, dates, and other parameters. You may find projects by selecting VIEW ALL next to the appropriate category and then typing the desired criteria into the search bar at the top.

Design Space: Is it possible to use your fonts and images?

You most definitely can! Your uploaded photos will be accessible from every device you use to access Design Space. However, fonts are only useable if downloaded to the device. Therefore, if you install a font on your desktop while developing a project and then access that project on your phone, the font will only be available if it has been downloaded to your phone. If you do not choose a font, Cricut Sans will be used.

Making Use Of Templates

A reasonably attractive feature is the option to place a sample of what you want to produce on the Design Space canvas to help you see the size and layout of your design. How to make use of the templates:

  • Select the category applicable to your invention (apron, T-shirt, banner, etc.). It has over 100 templates.
  • In the toolbar on the left, choose TEMPLATE.
  • Change the size and style of the canvas in Design Space.
  • Create your style!

The purpose of templates is to serve as a guide.

Including Shape in Design Space

Want to include a basic shape in your design? There is a button for that! The SHAPE button is positioned below the text button on the toolbar’s left side. One free option is adding a score line (for scoring items like cards or boxes to simplify folding). Another option is to add one of 20 standard shapes. With Cricut Access, an additional 44 shapes are made available. If you desire to add a shape that is not shown in this menu, you may alternatively search for shapes through the IMAGES button.

How To Insert Images Into The Canvas?

Insert Images in CDS

Photos are possibly the most versatile component of Design Space, with over one hundred thousand available for use (plus any you upload and add on your own). Weekly updates to the collection indicate that the number will continue to grow!

Click Photos on the toolbar on the left to see and add photos to your canvas. Search for a picture or look through the many categories available. After picking a type or entering a search term, you may utilize filters to narrow the results further. Filters comprise: 

  • Cut, Draw, and Print are the types of operations (what kind of project the image is best used for)
  • Multiple or individual layers
  • Type of Project: Phrases, Cards, Mandalas, etc.
  • Languages include French, English, and Spanish, among others.
  • Acquisition: Paid and Uploaded
  • Online Accessibility 
  • These include English, Spanish, and French.

Once you’ve identified your image(s), you may click INSERT IMAGES to add many photos to your canvas at once.

Inserting Texts Into the Canvas

It takes only a button click to insert text into your canvas. After clicking the TEXT button located on the toolbar’s left-hand side, a text box will be brought into view. There are many customization options, so don’t be fooled into thinking that since something is easy, there aren’t many! Let’s examine the many ways in which a simple word like “welcome” might be personalized.

If you have already typed anything into your canvas, a new set of options will emerge at the very top. The font is the first element that may modify. When selecting a font from the drop-down menu, several filter options and a comprehensive list of all available typefaces exist. Please note that fonts marked with green are included with Cricut Access. This solely displays the typefaces available in Cricut Design Space for CRICUT.

SYSTEM will only show the fonts supplied by the user. This feature enables you to bookmark the fonts you often use so you can find them later.

You may arrange typefaces according to how they are cut:

  • Multi-Layer fonts include several layers. These fonts mimic college or university fonts and have a background layer.
  • Fonts with a single layer are often known as single-layer fonts.
  • There are fonts with a writing option for the DRAW command. Filtering your typefaces for writing is necessary if you use pens with your Cricut. The letters appear bubble letters when using a typeface without a writing layer.
  • Stencil: Only show stencil-compatible fonts
  • Everyone has the right to free fonts.
  • Under Purchases, font purchases made in Design Space are shown.
  • Download – fonts already downloaded

The STYLE menu is the following option. Here, you can choose between standard, bold, and italic formatting.

Uploading Documents To Design Space

By selecting the UPLOAD button on the left toolbar, you may contribute your images to Design Space. You may provide either a pattern fill OR pictures (must be a.jpg,.png,.gif,.bmp,.svg, or. dxf file type). Commonly, pattern fills are used in print-then-cut applications.

Developing and Distributing Projects

Distributing Projects in CDS

We strongly advise saving your project(s) on many occasions during the design process. As a result, even if your computer or design application crashes or freezes, you will not lose all of the work you have done. Click the SAVE button after you have decided on a name for your project. If you want to make a second duplicate of a design you have already saved, you may do so by clicking the SAVE AS button.

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