A Cricut is probably the most valuable investment for anyone that gives a liking to art and craft. If you’ve decided to make this investment and have already purchased a Cricut, there’s another problem awaiting you. Owning a Cricut is lovely, that’s for sure, but it’s also incredibly profound and can very quickly make you feel overwhelmed. Whether you’re an experienced user or a mere beginner, this feeling is familiar to most Cricut users. So, to help you tackle this situation, we’ve developed some tips and tricks that can prove to be extremely helpful while using Cricut.

1. Repurpose plastic bag storage for storing Vinyl 

You might have already seen this hack go around quite often. But it’s worth a mention keeping in consideration how helpful it is. You can easily find plastic bag storage units in any of your nearby stores. When choosing plastic bag storage units, go for the ones with holders so you can store all of your Vinyl rolls effortlessly. 

2. Use your Cricut to store blades. 

Like many new Cricut users, if you haven’t realized it yet, your Cricut has a little storage space for holding in all your blades. Putting the edges here and there can be dangerous, and you’re also at a high risk of losing them. So, we recommend storing the blades in your Cricut itself when putting away the blades. Doing this will not only prevent you from losing them but will also keep them dust free. 

3. Nail polish holder for Vinyl scraps 

If you have a nail polish holder lying around, it could come in very handy to help you with cleaning any excess Vinyl scraps. When you’re weeding, avoiding Vinyl scraps is next to impossible, so let’s try not to make a mess and get through this step quickly. If you haven’t got a nail polish holder at home, go to your nearby convenience store and buy a cheap nail polish holder and start using it to hold Vinyl scraps. 

4. Storing Cricut supplies 

Owning a Cricut doesn’t just mean owning one thing; you’ll have to purchase endless supplies, and to store them is one hell of a job. Storage counters, shelves, and other storage units all of these might be efficient, but the only problem is that you won’t be able to know where everything is by just looking in that direction. In this case, using a peg board will give you the ease to find things, and you’re also utilizing the empty wall space, so it’s a win-win situation. 

5. Restore old Cricut mats

If you’ve been using Cricut for a while now, you’ll undoubtedly have quite a few used Cricut mats lying in the corner of the room. If you’re thinking of repurposing them, here’s a nice little hack. Used Cricut mats will have some debris and dust on them. You can quickly remove it by cleaning the residue off with baby wipes. Cleaning the debris is not the only problem we need to tackle; to be able to use the mat again, you’ll also have to restore its stickiness. To do that, purchase ‘Easy Tack, ‘ a spray-like thing that can help restore the mat’s stickiness for up to 6-10 more uses. 

6. Slab bracelets for Vinyl rolls 

If you’ve got a few extra Vinyl rolls lying around other than the ones you’ve stored in plastic bag storage units, here’s another handy trick. To prevent Vinyl rolls from rolling off, you can use slab bracelets to hold them together. Slab bracelets are very cheap and also pretty easy to use. 


These were all our top tips and tricks to help you make using Cricut a less overwhelming experience. Staying organized is one of the main things you need to focus on while using Cricut. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up sitting in a pile of supplies without even realizing it. So, that’s something you’ll need to focus on. Above all, owning a Cricut is about having fun and letting your imagination come to life, so we hope you do just that and create some amazing stuff. 

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